Throwback Thursday- Harriet The Spy!

ImageHarriet writes down everything that she sees and hears in her top-secret composition notebook.  She practices for her future career as a writer by peeping in windows and overhearing conversations. Unfortunately, being a spy has consequences. She sees the negative sides of people and finds flaws in her friends and writes about them in her notebook. When Harriet’s private thoughts find their way into the wrong hands, her friends find out what Harriet really thinks about them and she finds herself alone.

I loved and greatly related to Harriet when I was younger. While her character could sometimes be nasty I feel that overall she was a very lonely girl trying to make her way in the world by writing about it. I found this book in a huge box of books that my mom picked up at a yard sale and was ecstatic. I carried this book and my own spy’s notebook with me every day. Thinking back on it, I made a terrible “spy” and Harriet would be thoroughly disappointed in my skills because I always managed to get caught.

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