Interview with Robin Stephen, author of Another Year or Two

Amanda: Why did you choose to write Another Year or Two in blog form and in the perspective of five different characters?

Robin: I started Another Year or Two after finishing a draft of one of my fantasy novels, and I wanted to shift gears and challenge myself to work on something very character driven, with an emphasis on developing a unique style of writing for each character. I also wanted to explore the idea of seeing events through a number of specific lenses. I have been blogging for over ten years, and read a lot of blogs, so writing the blog posts of

Amanda: Which of the characters in Another Year or Two is your favorite? Which would you write more about if the opportunity arose?

Robin: I think Madison is my favorite. Even though she gets the least words, and the least connection to the overall story, I felt like she was the most defined when I wrote her. Whenever I switched into ‘Madison mode’ to write her posts, she just seemed to have a lot to say. It was never a struggle to get her voice to come through. There is no doubt Madison will appear in other works. I also have a more traditional novel, East of Turnpost, which will probably be published in the next year or so. That story deals extensively with Taylor, the trainer at the local barn. Chad is a major character in that story, and Casey is in it as well.

Amanda: I’m excited to see that you are writing a trilogy about a young man who has lived several lives. What can you tell us about The Pegasus Trilogy? When may we be able to read the first novel?

Robin: The Teardrop Game will be my first YA Paranormal release. Basically I write in two totally different genres. My Turnpost stories are character driven, contemporary fiction. This trilogy is genre fiction, and has been in the works for about seven years now. The first should be out this fall or early next year at the latest.

In the first novel, the main character, Finn, discovers he has lived seven lives because there is a task he must complete, but at the end of his last life something went wrong and he lost his guide. So at the start of the series he’s just a normal kid trying to figure out why all this strange stuff is happening to him. He and his best friend, Amy, get pulled into a world of magic that exists alongside the normal world most people live in. He makes some decisions that have a complex and far-reaching impact on the people he loves, and then has to deal with the consequences.

Quick Questions (because I am nosy and curious as to what authors like to read)

Amanda: Who is one author that you just can’t get enough of right now?

Robin: I’m on an Iain Banks kick at the moment. He inspires me because he successfully executed what I’m trying to accomplish; he wrote in two unrelated genres and mastered them both.

Amanda:  What book coming out later this year are you most excited for?

Robin: I can’t wait for David Rakoff’s last book, Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish. It is written entirely in iambic pentameter, and is being lauded as a masterpiece. I love David Rakoff’s work – his style of humor, his way of handling taboo topics with grace and insight.

Amanda: What genre do you find yourself reading the most?

Robin: I read across several genres, but probably I dwell slightly more in SciFi/Fantasy land than anywhere else.

Amanda: Recommend a book for us to read!

Robin: Transition by Iain M. Banks.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I am excited to read more of your novels in the future!

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