Oswego Dragon Festival 2013

Hi friends, I started up a second blog so that I can have somewhere to write about my life, being a writer, and things/places that I find beautiful or inspiring.

Today I posted about yesterday’s Oswego Dragon Festival. Check it out and follow me if you’d like 🙂

Oswego Dragon Festival 2013.

via Oswego Dragon Festival 2013.

Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Contemporary Books I Wish Were Taught In Schools


This is my first time participating in Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is:

Top Ten Contemporary Books that I wish were taught in schools.

Going to school to be an Adolescent English teacher (Grades 7-12) and Adolescent Literacy teacher (Grades 5-12) I read some great books that would really benefit students to read. For part of this week’s meme, I will do both parts (pairing them up with a book that is taught in school). We will see how things work out. Here it goes!!!

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Review: Smart Girl, Dumb Love by Kelsye Nelson


Smart Girl, Dumb Love (The Breakup Girl Volume One) is a book containing 3 short stories by the author Kelsye Nelson. If there is one thing that I love about these stories and the author’s writing style  is the voice of the narrator. The main character definitely does not sugar coat herself or her relationships. She tells it like it is without  the tint from rose-colored glasses like we see in so many stories and novels about relationships and break-ups.  The narrator is funny and raw and able to talk about her issues in a humorous way. She doesn’t talk down to you and it feels like as the reader you are talking to one of your close friends about her relationships and experiences.

The first short story, Five Things You’ll Hate About Me reads like a conversation between the narrator and a guy she is about to go on a first date with. She is warning him of all of her quirks and things he ought to know beforehand. I loved this story and even laughed out loud a few times. This is something that every woman (and probably even men) can relate to on some level.

Surprise and Disbelief, the second story, chronicles the narrator’s relationships and her inability to stay in one place and with one person for very long and how she returns to her high school boyfriend when each doomed relationship fails.  I feel like most people who read this story can relate, because everyone, in the course of their relationships has been on one side or the other and knows how it feels. They have felt that Surprise and Disbelief,

The third story Girl on a Hot Tin Roof shows a still brutally honest, but more vulnerable side to the narrator. She struggles to maintain her privacy and her composure as men working on a roof across the street from her apartment constantly watch her as she goes about her daily routine in her apartment and sexually harass her every time she leaves. While this story has a different feel than the others, I like that we see more about the narrator and who she is as a person.

Each story within this book is gripping and entertaining in it’s own way. I genuinely enjoyed reading Smart Girl, Dumb Love and my only complaint is that I wanted there to be more when I was finished.  This book was refreshing to read and while it was about romance it didn’t stereotype or pigeonhole women or men into particular roles. It give a unique, and sassy perspective to romance and relationships.

I can’t wait to read The Breakup Girl Volume 2 when It is released as well as Kelsye Nelson’s novel The Secret Life of Sensei Shi when it is released in 2014

I highly recommend this novel to readers 18 and up.

5/5 Stars

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