Interview with Katie Hamstead, author of Kiya Hope of the Pharaoh


Amanda: In three words how would you describe yourself?
Katie: Wife, mother, Aussie.

Amanda: What made you want to be a writer?
Katie: I don’t think there was one specific thing that made me decide. My parents always nurtured my creativity, so I’ve been writing stories since I was twelve. The writing has been on and off over the years, but when I found myself with downtime after I married and fell pregnant, I picked it up again.Then, after positive feedback, I decided to look into querying. What could it hurt right?

Amanda:  What is your writing process like?
Katie: I am a pantser, so I come up with an idea, work out the beginning and the end, and allow my characters to take me the rest of the way. For Kiya I needed to implement research and establishing a timeline of events, and I molded the story around that.

Amanda:  What inspired you to write a novel about Egypt?
Katie: I’ve studied both Egyptian and Hebrew culture over the years, and during my time studying the Amarna period, while cover1000simultaneously studying early Israel, I thought, what if one of the wives of Akhenaten was a Hebrew since according to some theories the Israelites lived in Egypt at this time? I brought that what if to life by using what little is known and believed about Kiya and made Naomi her.

Amanda:  How would you describe Kiya (Naomi) to someone who hasn’t read Kiya:
Katie: Hope of the Pharaoh yet?She is full of love. Everything she does is motivated by love; for her sisters, and the many other characters she becomes close to. She also stands by her convictions, even if she knows it could cost her her life.

Amanda:  What kind of research did you do while writing Kiya?
Katie: Oh man, a whole lot! This period is riddled with opposing theories and ideas, I found myself realizing that no matter what I did, someone would say I’m wrong! So, I went with researching the angles I wanted it to take. I visited the library and searched museum and university websites and journals.First I constructed the timeline of the late 18th dynasty kings. Then, I researched each individual historical figure and lined up their lives on the timeline.I also had to look up how the people of both the Egyptians and the Hebrews lived.
Even after all that, I found myself needing to look things up for more detail.

Amanda: Are you working on any other projects at the moment?
Katie: Yes. I’ve just finished edits for Kiya book 2, and will be starting edits for a standalone novel due for release in Nov. I’ve also been working on two other series when I have the free time.

Quick Questions (because I’m nosy and like to know what authors like to read):

Amanda:  What genre(s) do you prefer to read?
Katie: Anything with romance that isn’t too raunchy.

Amanda: What is your favorite book at the moment?
Katie: Hmm… you know, I don’t know! I can’t single one out.

Amanda: Are you more of a series or stand-alone reader?
Katie: Both! I loved the Harry Potter’s because I always had the next book to look forward too, but I do like just one novel that I can enjoy on its own.

Amanda: What is your favorite genre to write?
Katie: Romance, of any kind, in the New Adult category.

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