NaNoWriMo- Week 2 Woes


Today is NaNoWriMo Day 12. Let me start off with telling everyone that Sunday and yesterday (Monday) sucked for me writing-wise. I felt much like the cat above, so excited and ready– but when I took the jump, I failed miserably. So miserably that my word count only grew by a couple hundred words both days.

What I am proud of myself for is writing every day for 12 days straight, even if it was only a 300 hundred words or so. I am also glad that I got ahead while I still could, which made sure my word count did not drop beneath my  WC goal for that particular day.

After two days of crocheting, watching a couple of movies, and in general not doing my job as a writer I feel so much more prepared to jump back into it today. The ideas are flowing and the words definitely want to come out. Even if all my brain can do is shit on the page, it’s better than nothing. I’ve written about 1,700 words today and I hope to do word wars today with a friend for a while to help get my word count up to where I would like it to be.


& just because I am curious and nosy….

What are some of your NaNoWriMo woes (if you are participating) or writing woes in general?

What are some things that you do when you have writer’s block to help alleviate that issue or when your brain feels like mush and you just can’t bring yourself to write?


Because we could all use a smile.





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