NaNoWriMo Day 15- Half-way there

Today marks the half-way point of NaNoWriMo 2013, and despite the many, many obstacles I faced this week, I am still feeling very positive that I can do this.

The total word count goal for today is 25,000 words. I am currently at 28,121 words.

While I am still ahead of the curve, I was genuinely hoping to have over 30,000 by this point. However, as I said in my last post, my computer was giving me trouble.  Well, the shit hit the fan and my poor lap top died the other day. For real this time.

However there is a silver lining. I have been saving to the cloud and didn’t lose my novel at all. I can actually work on it from anywhere on Google Drive, which now that I don’t have a computer of my own, is awesome. I can work on it here and there whenever I get access to a computer for a couple of minutes here and there. Because of this writing has been a struggle for me this week. I am genuinely hoping that I can steal my boyfriends computer over the weekend here and there so I can plug away at it. I would love to have 35,000 words by the end of the weekend.

For now though, I would like to give my lap top one of these.


But I would love to give my novel one of these.


Hopefully this weekend will be full of productive awesomeness. *fingers crossed*

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 15- Half-way there

  1. Robin Stephen says:

    I swear computers know when their failure would disrupt your life the most, and make sure to target their death throes for those moments.

    I’m glad you didn’t lose anything, and good work being flexible and resilient. Keep going!

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