NaNoWriMo Week 3- And well on my way!

Well, truth be told, I am not nearly as close to the actual end of my novel as I hoped I would be by this point in the month.

Today’s total word count goal is 31,666 and my current word count is 35,548.  While I am excited that I have managed to write something every day in the month of November and that I have somehow stayed ahead of the game, I have greatly been hindered by technology.

I thought about simply giving up yesterday, a day when literally nothing was going right. I had somehow turned off my alarm clock in my sleep and woke up with only a half-hour to get ready for work (so much for morning writing time) and spilled my coffee all over my desk immediately after getting to work.

But I went to the library on my lunch break and started typing and the words kept coming, and coming and damn, was I excited. I heard that little Dory in my head going-justkeepswimming

While my expression may have started out like Marlon’s, I went back to work in a great mood and excited once again about my novel.

NaNoWriMo has been a wonderful adventure for me thus far. It has been something that I never thought I would do and finish. Now that I look at my word count and see that only have 14,452 words left to write and a whopping twelve days left to do it in, I am thrilled. It’s too late to turn back now. If I stop now, I won’t be any closer to my goal of actually finishing a novel, and maybe someday publishing one.

The best part of this whole experience so far is that I have actually made myself write every single day. One day I only wrote 300 words or so, who gives a shit, I wrote that day. I’ve never stuck with a story idea for this long before and I am honestly so pumped about it that I think that even after the 50k has been written I will stick through this story til the end. I will try to revise and find crit partners to read it.

We are nearing the end of NaNoWriMo but the terrible doldrums of Week 2 are done, time for the upswing of Week 3, where things are falling into place and I feel like I am back on the upswing.

Good luck, friends! Let me know how your progress is coming along! And just keep swimming!!!!



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