What I'm Reading Wednesday

My other books were delivered in the mail the day after I posted about my frustrations about not receiving them yet. So I had quite a few books to choose from for this week’s read, but I chose…. (dundundunnn).


Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. I began it on Sunday evening and am about 80 pages in at the moment. The idea of people being forced to live in domes because of outside conditions (terrible Aether storms that scorch the Earth) and the society that develops within these domes because of their reliance on technology to keep them alive/entertained, etc.

They call the people who live outside of a domed society Outsiders or Savages and try to keep them from entering their own society. These Outsiders are hunters/gatherers and do whatever they can to keep their family and society alive and safe from the outside conditions.

It’s a cool idea and premise so far, and I like the characters Aria and Perry, so I am excited to see where it goes! I found a great book trailer for Under the Never Sky that makes me just want to keep reading and find out what happens!

What are you reading right now?

Any suggestions for what I should read next?

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