Bookish things from A-Z with Amanda's Nose in a Book

This year, I have decided to participate in the April A-Z Challenge, a blogging challenge where I blog about topics from A-Z over the course of a month. It will hopefully help to get me into more of a routine, meet new friends, and expand my blogging horizons.

I’ve never participated in a blogging challenge and I like the idea of coming up with new and fun ideas to blog about and share with you. I also really love the idea of being a part of the blogging community that is participating this year.

Want to learn more about the A-Z challenge??? Click here!


During the month of April, my theme will be Bookish things from A-Z with Amanda’s Nose in a Book!  I have most of the letters already figured out  (although I lost the piece of paper where I had jotted all of these things down– oops).

Are you participating this year? What would you blog about during this challenge?

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