Mini-Review: Paper Towns by John Green- A Heart-Warming Adventure


Paper towns is one of those books that we have come to love, know, and expect from John Green. Quentin “Q” is the the smart, sensitive, and nerdy type who has obsessed over his neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman for nearly his whole life. Margo is someone who no one really knows, but who everyone adores, wants to be around, and aspires to be like.

While this book is sometimes annoyingly quirky (Quentin constantly uses Margo’s full name), it was a thought provoking, insightful, and heartwarming read. Paper Towns really makes me wonder what life is really like for Quentin’s friends in the book. It shows that people have views of others, made up by themselves, that they project onto the people around them without even knowing it. Like many people do, Quentin didn’t bother getting to know the people around him, and instead became disappointed when these people don’t live upĀ  to who he thought they were and wanted them to be.

4/5 stars

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