A-Z Challenge Day 5 (E)- E-readers vs. Books


To me, nothing beats an actual book. I love the smell, the feel of the pages, the perusing through bookstores looking for the perfect book. Nothing makes me happier than looking at my bookshelves and seeing them all lined up, my own personal library.

However, I also use an e-reader. While it doesn’t have the same feel, it makes it much easier to share and borrow books with friends who are far away and I also have better access to self-published titles. The only time I prefer my e-reader to a physical copy of a book is when I am traveling. I can have all of my books right in the same place and not take up half of my duffel bag or suitcase with books.

I have heard plenty of people (not book bloggers or booktubers) say that someday books and bookstores will become obsolete because of e-readers and sites like Amazon. I don’t think that will ever happen. Each platform (physical copy or digital copy) has it’s own appeal and while some prefer one over the other, most people I know use both.

I feel (and hope) that as long as people are reading, that both will thrive.

Do you prefer e-readers or books? Do you use both?

21 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 5 (E)- E-readers vs. Books

  1. nadiareads1 says:

    I really prefer physical books to e-books. I don’t even have an e-reader (although I feel like the last person on the planet who doesn’t!). But I can understand that it can be a lot more convenient in some cases! Lke you said with traveling. Every time I’m about to buy an e-reader I always think that, well, I could buy 5-6 books with that money and why spend it on an e-reader? Lol!

  2. Harliqueen says:

    I do love both, though I have found myself reading more e-books at the moment. I think that is more to do with money though than anything 😀 Paper backs seem a lot more expensive than they used to be, but I guess that it just feels more when you’re on a budget. E-books are a bit cheaper but also have that instant-ness to them. I click ‘buy’ and the book is right there ready to read.

    • amandasnoseinabook says:

      Instantly being able to read a book without leaving the house or the office is one reason why e-readers are so excellent. I think that paperbacks are much more expensive than they used to be, I just have a difficult time spending money on digital copies when I don’t have the actual product to hold in my hands.

  3. drowninmelancholy says:

    I have to agree with you. I have both, and even a tablet which I use for my uni pdf data. But an e-reader is very convenient indeed. It’s really the best companion on travel’s even if it is only to the city or to uni by train or bus. Atm, however, I use it rather seldom, but whenever I have to go on travels, I load up the battery and take it with me 🙂
    However, I think that in future more and more bookshops, even libraries will close and only be found on the internet. I also don’t like this idea, but I think it is inevitable.

  4. hotteaandagoodbook says:

    I have both although i tend to read more ebooks. Mostly because of price and convenience. Often I miss my print books and than i have to make a trip to the bookstore and pick up an actual book.

  5. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

    I like digital books- I like how convenient and portable they are but of course books are irreplaceable and precious. Nothing like the feeling of opening an old book and getting a whiff of the past

  6. bookmammal says:

    I picked the same topic for my “E” post–and we have almost identical opinions! For me, ebooks have their place, but I’m pretty sure I’ll always have my love for physical books.
    I saw a cartoon once that showed a broom talking to a book, and the broom says something like, “Don’t worry–They invented the vacuum cleaner, but I’m still here!” That about sums it up for me!

  7. Mary says:

    My opinion is somewhat biased because I don’t use my e-reader very often and have less familiarity with it. I was just thinking the other day how I prefer real books to e-books and that it might be an age thing seeing that I grew up with books. I have about 15 books on my e-reader and quite frankly I forget they are there. Out of sight, out of mind. I see my bookshelves lined with books and always can find something to pull off to read. However I see the advantages of the e-reader and perhaps in time I might prefer that mode. I really hope they both stick around.

    Mary at The View from my World

    • amandasnoseinabook says:

      I grew up reading and loving many books, so the transition to e-reader was quite difficult for me as well. For a while there, I used nothing but my e-reader but I missed using a physical book. Now I use both 🙂

      I will check out your blog! Thank you for visiting mine 🙂

  8. Lisa says:

    I have ten book shelves in my house … I love the smell, feel and look of books. As I have tweens in the house I much prefer to have books lying about to entice them into a new book.

    • amandasnoseinabook says:

      Ten!!! I would love to browse through your home library. That’s wonderful.

      And I completely understand about wanting to have books around for teens and tweens. So many kids resist reading nowadays, but it is one of the best things they can do.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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