A-Z Challenge Day 8 (H)- Habits


Like most people, my reading habits change drastically over time. I go through periods where I only want to read one genre or books by a certain author or authors, and go through periods where I don’t read anything at all.

In the past couple of years my reading habits have developed quite a bit. I used to fly through books and read them without much attention to detail or theme. I think that going to school for Secondary Education with a concentration in ELA and Literacy Education have made me look at my reading choices quite differently. It also taught me to look a little deeper at my reading habits and quirks.

Good Habits-

1. Setting reading goals for myself-— I have a goal to read 50 books this year. While that might not seem like a lot to some of you, with my busy life reading one book a week is just about what I need to keep myself sane. That and I wanted to cut out some writing time for myself.

2. Noticing when I am ignoring a genre– As I talked about in a previous post, I really am out of the loop when it comes to YA contemporary lit. So I have made a goal for the rest of the year to read 8 YA contemporary books. Will this catch me up completely? No, but it will help me branch out.

Bad Habits-

1. Sticking to a couple of genres– I typically read a lot of fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi and a lot of other genres go ignored. I also read mostly YA, so I am not up-to-date with a lot of adult books (which is another thing that I am working on).

2. Reading more than one book at a time– Some people can do this. I really shouldn’t. Usually I end up forgetting about one of the books and it lays on my desk or nightstand half-read until I remember that it’s there. Usually by then I have to re-read the whole thing. I currently have 3 half-read books on my nightstand that I have to read all over again.


(The three books that were on my night stand. Two of which I was most of the way through before I got scatterbrained and forgot all about them, the other I lost the marker for).

0 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 8 (H)- Habits

  1. bookmammal says:

    I’m usually reading more than one book at a time, and somehow I’m able to keep them straight in my head. I’m generally reading one fiction and one nonfiction book at once. It works for me because I can switch from one to the other if my reading mood changes.
    I’m also trying to branch out a bit out of my comfort zone and try some different genres and themes this year.

    • amandasnoseinabook says:

      I used to be able to read a handful of books at a time, but now I try to stick to one or two. Like you, I try to switch back and forth depending on my mood, but I try to read two very different books. Once I was reading two dystopian at the same time… that was a mistake. I got the two of them so mixed up, it wasn’t even funny.

      Good luck with branching out! Let’s hold one another to it 🙂

  2. Nadia @ Nadia Reads says:

    Great post! Iused to never read more than one book at a time, but now I have started to do it a bit. I still prefer reading one book, but at least when I start a different one I make sure that it’s completely different than the other one I’m reading so that I don’t mix the stories up!

  3. Dawn Embers says:

    Ah yes, the good and bad habits. Since I only read 10 books last year (bad me), I kept this year’s goal modest at 15 books (also writing and working and maybe applying for grad school). Though since I joined the A to Z challenge I ended up having to read 7 books this month alone. Might make it past my goal after all long as I don’t stop reading after this month.

    I find keeping track on goodreads has been useful, as long as I update, cause I’m terrible about losing bookmarks (or well the wrappers and such I use to mark my place cause I forget I even own proper bookmarks).

    A to Z commenter
    Reading at Dawn blog

  4. Amanda says:

    Why is reading one genre a bad thing? If you can’t get into any other genre, then why would you force yourself to read it?

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