A-Z Challenge Day 10 (J)- Jury's Out

JSometimes I read a book and I’m really not sure how I feel about it. These books have equal parts good and bad things about them and I’m just not sure whether I like it, or not. This has been the case a couple of times this past year where I finish a book and think “eh.”

As a book blogger I am supposed to have an opinion about the books I read, whether it’s a good opinion or a bad one. Some just fall in between. For me, there’s nothing worse than mixed feelings or even feeling indifferent about a book that I read.

While I am no longer rating books on my blog, I do rate them for my own personal use. For me, if the jury’s our about a particular book or series, I have a hard time rating them. If a book isn’t really good and kind of falls down the middle of the road, would you rate it a 2 or a 3? Who knows. This is one the reasons I can’t bring myself to give books a star rating anymore.

I blame some of this indifference to some of the books that I read on the hype that circles around said book. When everyone tells you how good a book is and you don’t feel even remotely the love that they did for it, how exactly do you explain your feelings when it was neither amazing, good, nor bad?

What are some books or series that made you feel this way?

5 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 10 (J)- Jury's Out

  1. bookmammal says:

    Great idea for your “J” post!
    I agree with you–if I spend the time to read a whole book, I’d like to feel SOMETHING at the end of it. I do think hype can be a part of it, but sometimes it’s just that the writing style or plot didn’t resonate with me in any way.

  2. organizednowplease says:

    When I am not in love with a book, but it isn’t that bad. I find myself being very objective. Good points. Bad points. I think that is more helpful than a rating since some people might be fine with a loose plot or focusing on a minor character that may not have made an impact with me. I find that I would give the same book a different rating depending on when in my life I read it.

  3. cleopatralovesbooks says:

    I think sometimes you can read a book and see what other people find enjoyable even if it doesn’t work for you. I think sometimes the indifference can be for reading a book that is just not right for my mood, I try to be objective about what I did and didn’t like to help other’s choose if a book is for them (particularly when it fell down the middle for me)

  4. ptsblogger says:

    Yes, this can be very disappointing. This is especially true with movies. I respect people who stick to their own judgement, and don’t get seduced by the hype. So much publicity these days is just that, publicity. When I read reviews, I consider the source. If I have been tricked into seeing a bad movie or reading a not-so-great book as the result of a “puffed-up” review, then I don’t trust that reviewer ever again. They are not being honest, and are trying to trick me into buying something that I don’t want. Great reviewers can block out the hype, and give their honest opinions,whether popular or not. (“1,001 People That Suck” #583: People that buy into the HYPE.)

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