A-Z Challenge Day 12 (L)- Libraries

LOne of the coolest things about my town is the Oswego City Public Library.

It was built in 1855 and funded entirely by local abolitionist Gerrit Smith. One of Smith’s conditions in funding the library was that no one be shut out on account of their race, complexion, or condition.

I found these incredible old photographs on the library of Congress website and couldn’t wait to share them with all of you!

My local library has been aptly nicknamed “The Castle on the Hill” and a couple of years ago underwent an incredible transformation and addition that included conference, study, and classrooms as well as a larger computer center for both teens and adults.

Here are some current photos of the library that are the same rooms as those pictured above!

The outside front of the library as seen today (far left). The plaque on the outside reads “Founded by Gerrit Smith 1855.” Pretty amazing, huh? This library pre-dates the automobile!

The photo in the center is the main room of the downstairs portion of the library, it is the same room as seen in the photographs above, just from the other side of the room.

The photo on the right hand side is what I have always referred to as “The Forbidden Staircase” it is so beautiful and so off-limits. The sign and chain that blocks you from going up the stairs has been there for as long as I can remember.

photoBut who wouldn’t want to go up there and hide at the top with a book and read for hours on end? I know I would.

Now it leads to a back entrance to the children’s room upstairs.

What is your local library like (or your favorite library)? I would love to see photos!

Learn more about the Oswego City Library

0 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 12 (L)- Libraries

  1. bookmammal says:

    Lots of “Library” posts for “L” today for the A-Z Challenge (including mine!). It’s fun to read everyone’s different take on this topic.
    I LOVE the Forbidden Staircase! You could write a whole short story using it as a prompt!

  2. Sydney Aaliyah Michelle says:

    Hi Amanda. I have rediscovered the greatness of my local library. It is one of my favorite places to write. I was a library girl in college as well. My law school library was amazing. And, we had an really cool library on the main campus which held early additions of some great classics. It was fun to study in there, as well.
    Sydney Aaliyah Michelle
    2014 A to Z Challenge
    Nicole’s #atozchallenge Mighty Minion

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