What I'm Reading & Writing Wednesday!

whatimreadingandwritingwednesdayHello there friends and happy Wednesday!!!

What I just finished reading…

cressMy review of Cress is scheduled to post tomorrow but for now I can say that I absolutely loved this book. Come back tomorrow to read my thoughts.

What I am reading now….

Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor (which I just started yesterday) and Writing Irresistible Kidlit by Mary Kole.

While I have a lot of difficulty accepting a lot of YA being labeled as Kidlit, this book has been really helpful thus far and is insightful as to what teens expect from the books that they read. This will help me a lot when I begin writing Confessions of an Ice Cream Girl in July (woohoo— it’s only been on hiatus for years now)!

What I’m Writing…

I am beginning to re-outline last year’s NaNo novel using a new plot structure that will help me push my plot along. I have changed it from a multiple perspective novel to having a single narrator (which might actually be difficult, but we will see how it works.

What Else Am I Up To???

Everything. My boyfriend is graduating this weekend and we are having a huge party for him at our house.

I am still getting ready for that craft show and have made a couple more cute critters and am working on others.

So things are a bit overwhelming and sometimes I would really like to do this…

tumblr_mckr3peO6t1r7r93bBut the crazy stress is almost over and I can start enjoying this beautiful weather.

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