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J81WZeoyThis week has not been a good week for blogging. I am still reading the same two books that I was last week (and haven’t gotten much further along in them) but I did get a letter from my new penpal this week!

A couple of weeks ago, I joined the Postmark Society, a community for bloggers to find blogger penpals.

Years ago we used to get so excited to get an email because most of our communication came via mail. Today in the age of internet communication with email, blogs, and text messages we don’t get much hand-written mail, so it’s a treat when we do get some.

I sent my letter in response to my penpal this afternoon and I will be excited to hear back from her.

If you are interested in joining the Postmark Society check it out here!!!

If you’d like to be one of my penpals, let me know! I love sending/receiving letters and postcards!

Hopefully this weekend/next week I will be able to catch up with the book blog posts!


5 thoughts on “Postmark Soceity

  1. Karsyn says:

    There’s definitely still a large community of letter writers out there, despite ~ or because of ~ the digital age. I’ve been writing penpals off and on for about 25 years, from after camps and when I moved states, to finding pals through online ads. I still have a pal who I have been writing to for 12+ years now. I’m woefully behind on my letters, but I’ll check the site out. My favorite place to find pals is Interpals. There is some crap there, but if you make your preferences so you only receive messages from who you want (like I only receive messages from woman around my age) then it’s much better. If you just like stuff in the mail in general, then Swap-Bot is the place to be. Everything from postcards, to crafts, to letters, and everything in between.

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