This has been quite a week for bookish news.

This week has been pretty crazy with news of the bookish sort. We have had BEA, a return of Reading Rainbow, and the death of Maya Angelou. So for today’s post, I’ve decided to post a few videos to give us some inspiration for the weekend.

Levar Burton raised over 2 million dollars for the return of Reading Rainbow as an app that can be used by both teachers and parents to foster the love of reading in children. As a teacher (even though I’m not currently teaching) I understand and appreciate the need for programs that teach children the power an importance of reading. If this love is built at a young age, it is sure to flourish as a child grows older.

If you haven’t seen this article or watched the attached video, please do so. Levar Burton’s joy at reaching his goal of 1 million dollars in less than one day is beautiful.

We also lost a literary icon this week, someone who has been a writer, civil rights advocate, and inspiration to so many people, Maya Angelou. I was first exposed to her poetry in high school and read more of it later on in college. She has such a beautiful and unique voice that transcends so many boundaries. Rest in Peace Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou, reading her poem “Phenomenal Woman.”

Maya Angelou, reciting her poem “And Still I Rise.”


And finally, just because it’s interesting, fun, and I love John Green.


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