Amanda's Nose in a Book is Back!!!

I apologize for not being active this Summer. Things got pretty crazy for a little while there and honestly, I needed a break from blogging for a few weeks. But hopefully I will be back to the normal swing of things pretty soon.

I’ve been working on my novel a lot since I posted last and have been working with my critique partner on ways that I can make my writing stronger. Things are coming along nicely in that area of my life. The last two weeks or so I really struggled with one chapter, but once I finally finished that, I feel so much better about my novel.

So. I will continue to post reviews, features, and such here on my blog, but I also want to talk more about writing. That is something I have been toying around with in my mind this past month. As much as I love reviewing books and participating in memes, I was beginning to feel bored with the posts I was making.

Since my nose is usually in a book, be it one that I am reading, or one that I am writing— Amanda’s Nose in a book is going to expand a little bit in what content I blog about!

Here’s to revamping and revitalizing my blog! Thank you for supporting me.happygoat