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What I’m Reading and Writing Wednesday is my spin on WWW Wednesday brought to us by the fabulous MizB over at Should Be Reading. Thank you MizB for hosting such a great weekly feature.

Hello friends! Long time no see! I have been busy making cute and cuddly crochet things for all of the fall craft shows I have scheduled. But I would also like to start the blog back up again too. Here’s to a successful relaunch.

What I’m Reading Now:

thenightcircusThe Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Yes, after hearing about this book from countless bloggers and vloggers I am finally diving into this one. It’s not exactly what I expected, but there is such beautiful imagery and description. It’s taking me a bit longer to read because I’m savoring it.

What I’m Reading Next:

0-545-05474-5I’ve had this book on my shelf since the spring and have yet to get to it, but I would like to read it very soon. Autumn makes me want to curl up with a good book anyway.

What I’m Writing:

Writing is where I have been focusing a lot of my time lately. I am planning on expanding what I blog about to talk about writing on a larger scale and have been drafting some blog posts and brainstorming different ways that I can talk with all of your about writing.

I am still working on Draft 3 of my novel The Girl in the Glass Coffin. Even though this has been a slow process, I’m trying to get a chapter or two a week to my critique partner. The goal was to be finished with Draft 3 before NaNoWriMo. I’m working on Chapter 13 right now and I’m about half-way there. Maybe I can finish this draft if I can up that up to at least two, maybe 3 chapters revised per week.

What you can look for from Amanda’s Nose in a Book:

  •  Posts about NaNoWriMo and why you should do it! (I’m an ML this year, so I’m already prepping).
  • Pantsing vs planning
  • Sharing your writing with others
  • The usual memes that I participate in
  • Hopefully a book review every other week (maybe every week if I can work more reading in with my writing).

And much more!

What are you reading and/or writing this week?

8 thoughts on “What I'm Reading & Writing Wednesday

  1. Sam says:

    I’m glad you’re loving ‘The Night Circus.’ It was a favorite of mine when I listened to it last year. Yay for writing! I’m going to pass on NaNo this year, but I still want to go to write-ins so I’m going to use the time to edit last year’s NaNo and some other short pieces I’ve been waiting to submit. I’ll miss the community if I don’t.

    Happy Reading! Here’s my WWW: http://samannelizabeth.wordpress.com/2014/09/17/www-wednesday-17-september-2014/

    • amandasnoseinabook says:

      The NaNoWriMo community is so amazing! I’m really hoping to have an active region this year and am busy organizing write-ins. It’s great that you are still plugging away at editing and revising your NaNo novel from last year!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will check out your WWW <3

  2. lipsyy says:

    I look forward to your more writing-focused blog 🙂 I haven’t done NaNo for two years, I never got even close to ‘winning’ so I gave up. I’m considering it this year though. Depends on my work situation.

    Also, that Marcello book looks so pretty!

    • amandasnoseinabook says:

      Last year was the first year I won NaNo and the community is so great that I am so excited to be an ML this year.

      You should definitely give it a shot if you have the time. Even if you don’t “win” if you write something that’s still progress :). It’s better than writing nothing at all.

      Thanks for the encouragement, Lipsy! I will try to post the blog hop post tomorrow <3

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