What I'm Reading & Writing Wednesday

whatimreadingandwritingwednesdayWhat I’m Reading and Writing Wednesday is my spin on WWW Wednesday brought to us by the fabulous MizB over at Should Be Reading. Thank you MizB for hosting such a great weekly feature.

What I’m Reading…

Things haven’t changed much since last week. I am still reading The Night Circus, although I’m quite a bit farther along in the book than I was last Wednesday. Reading has been going pretty slow for me this last week as writing has taken even more of my focus.

thenightcircusI don’t really like when it takes me forever to read a book. It’s not that I forget what is going on or anything like that, but I have to get re-immersed in the writing and the world each time I pick up the book (especially because I might only get a chance to read every couple of days).

How do you guys feel about that?

What I’m Writing…

This week my goal is to get Chapters 14 and 15 to my critique partner. She absolutely loved the last chapter I sent her, so I am kind of nervous about sending this next chapter— what if it’s not as good? Anyway, my last draft of this particular chapter needs some serious work. I have to get some extra writing hours in to get those two chapters to her this week.  We shall see, friends.

What I’m Up to…

It’s craft show season, so I have to also keep crocheting away in the hopes of making a couple of $$ to heat my house this winter (we already had a 36*F day– eek). I am also doing more NaNoWriMo preparations!

7 thoughts on “What I'm Reading & Writing Wednesday

    • amandasnoseinabook says:

      The night circus is about a competition between two magicians where only one can be left standing and the magical circus that surrounds this competition. It’s very uniquely written with fascinating characters and a beautiful love story.

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