What You Can Do Now to Prepare for NaNoWriMo!



You might be thinking– Already Amanda? Sheesh, it’s over a month away! But really, there are ways that you can train your brain now to help you once November 1st rolls around. It’s closer than you think!  It’s nearly October, and while I will still be revising next month, I will also be preparing for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

This year I’m the ML for the Oswego, New York region and I have been trying to think of all the ways I can help motivate other writers to prepare and plan if they so choose! Since I would like to talk more about writing here, I figure there’s no better place to start the conversation!

Here are 5 things you can do now to prepare yourself for the month of writing madness that is NaNoWriMo:

1. Take a walk!

  • The month of November is going to be pretty crazy, so take a breather now while you still can. Go for a walk and get some blood and oxygen pumping through your body. It’s good for you and is a great time to think of story ideas.

2. Get into the habit of writing every day

  • If you already do this, great! You’re a step ahead of the game. If not, give it a try. You’d be amazed how great it feels to get something written and accomplished every day! Even 30 minutes to an hour every day can help you develop a daily writing routine and will help you reach that 1,667 words per day come November.

3. Check out the NaNoWriMo website

  • Even if you’ve participated before, it’s always a good idea to get a refresher. Check your regional forum and other forums for inspiration and ideas.
  • If you haven’t participated, you’re in for a treat!
    • Go to nanowrimo.org and create an account
    • Find your home region to learn about any write-ins or events in your area. This is where other writers in your region will communicate with one another.
    • Forums are awesome for learning more about NaNoWriMo, being a part of the great community of writers, and for ideas and inspiration

 4. Keep a notebook handy

  • You really never know when inspiration will strike. It’s also good to keep all of your notes and stuff in one place. Plus, if you don’t have a computer handy, you can always write a scene/chapter in it.
  • I like to have a fun notebook, something I don’t mind using because I use it all the time throughout the month 🙂

5. Brainstorm

  • Now that you’re nearly ready, do some brainstorming or jot down all of your ideas for novels.
    • You can also use this time before NaNo to come up with some sort of outline (even if it is a loose outline) and character sketches if you’re a planner or want to at least organize your ideas a bit before you begin writing.
    • Check out my post on planning your novel To Pants or to Plan (that is the question)!

And some inspiration for you:


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0 thoughts on “What You Can Do Now to Prepare for NaNoWriMo!

      • mandyevebarnett says:

        Revisions for a previous or current project are usually left to one side for me so I can concentrate on NaNo. My current children’s book Ockleberries to the Rescue has gone to print and my western romance, Willow Tree Tears can be set aside for while.
        Plunging into a new narrative on 1st Nov is so exciting

  1. authorleighmichaels says:

    I’ve been doing NaNo for eight years, but reminders and lists (lists!!) like this always help! This is the time I start freaking out. Over a month away? Try “OMG only a month away!!!!”

    Reblogging via pingback.

  2. danniehill says:

    Don’t just start, finish what you start. Great words! Some of the best advice I’ve gotten about NaNo is: Stop thinking and just write. It makes so much sense when you actually begin the process of writing. Prepare and then just do it!.

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