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Wow! 2014 is almost over, and 2015 is only hours away. It’s been a while since I’ve done a What I’m Reading and Writing Wednesday, but I figure it is nice to end this year on a positive blogging note!

Reading has taken kind of a back seat these past couple of months with me preparing for NaNoWriMo and then going back to revisions in December, but here is what is going on in my reading world.

What I recently finished reading:

I read Shatter Me in the beginning of 2014 and had mixed feelings about it. It had a cool concept, but I was unsure if I wanted to continue with the series. Then mid-NaNoWriMo I was at the library and needing a break from my own writing for a while I picked up Unravel Me. I enjoyed this book much more than I did the first in the series and sped through it to read Ignite Me. I liked the characters much better in this book (Juliette was much less annoying and I actually warmed up to and began to like Warner). I probably won’t review these on here, just because I am so behind with writing reviews, but I did like both of them.

What I’m Reading Now

mytrueloveMy True Love Gave to Me by Stephanie Perkins. I am loving it so far. The stories are all very cute, even though I like some more than others. I will hopefully be reviewing this book here really soon because I am almost finished reading it.

What I’m Reading Next

thenightcircusI’m not going to lie to you. I never finished reading The Night Circus a while back. So I would like to finish that one, because I did like it. Life just kind of got in the way of reading it and then I never finished it.

And I would really like to read Blood of Olympus or Blue Lily, Lily Blue after that!

What I’m Writing…

I’m currently writing Chapter 17 of The Girl in the Glass Coffin to send to my CP. It’s new stuff that I am writing to expand upon certain aspects of my first two drafts, so it’s quite a bit of work. I’m slowly but surely getting back into writing this novel again.  I’m also sending this book chapter by chapter to a new CP, her feedback is really helping me to fine-tune some issues and find out if things just don’t work.

So have a wonderful New Year.

Stay safe, have fun! Find me next year!!!

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    • amandasnoseinabook says:

      I loved what I read so far. I just kind of forgot about the book in the midst of the NaNo and preparing for the holidays craziness. Will definitely get back to it though!

      Hope you have a happy new year Sam!

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