What I'm Reading & Writing Wednesday


Hello friends! It’s time to catch up on what I’m reading and writing this week. I’m going to throw in what I’m watching too because that’s fun :). What I’m Reading & Writing Wednesday is my spin on WWW Wednesday created by Miz B and hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

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Top Ten Favorite Heroines

toptentuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s theme is Top Ten Favorite Heroines. I’ve chosen to do a mix of books, tv, and movies.


1. Hermione Granger- Harry Potter series

Hermione_Granger_posterHonestly, Hermione is my favorite. She is a badass in so many different ways. I always related to her as I read the novels, even as an adult because I was always a bit of a bookworm and enjoyed learning and studying. Hermione takes it to the next level though. I would love to hear the whole Harry Potter story through her perspective.

2. Katniss Everdeen- The Hunger Games trilogy

katniss-everdeen-the-hunger-games-catching-fire-24806-1920x1080Ever the reluctant hero, Katniss has always tried to do right by her family and by her district. Even when it meant putting her life in danger, she tried to protect those she cared about. One reason why Katniss is an awesome heroine is that she never asked for any of this. She didn’t want to be seen as the face of a revolution.

3. Annabeth Chase- Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus



Annabeth is another person who is bookish and smart, but who is kickass and unafraid to defend her friends and loved ones in times of need.

4. Karou- Daughter of Smoke and Bone series

tumblr_my7mvkVuQp1sfvv1po1_500I loved Karou. From her learning more about herself and who she truly was to doing things she didn’t want to just to protect her people, she was all around a great heroine.

5. Puck- The Scorpio Races



I loved Puck. She was spunky and unafraid to do something that only men had done previously. There needs to be more characters like her in books and movies.

6. Jo- Little Women

jo_marchDuring a time when women were taught to be proper and groomed for marriage, Jo March was doing her own thing. She helped to support her family, she was uninterested in romance and marriage. As a character, she was revolutionary.


7. Olivia Dunham- Fringe

1389017-olivia_dunham_03Olivia started off as a smart and cold badass, but she developed into such a wonderful and compassionate character over the course of the series. I loved how she never lost her smarts, even when in a relationship.

8. Sarah Manning- Orphan Black

bbcorphanblack-jpgSome might not consider Sarah a heroine, she has her fair share of issues, but she is such a strong character and wants to do nothing but keep her daughter and her clones safe. I also add her clone Cosima in this category because Cos is my home-girl.


9. Merida- Brave

c6593c936209ec40079e2e4a97906f7203ffa852I love Brave. I love how Merida fought for her own hand and didn’t want to get married or betrothed at such a young age. She is the kind of heroine that young girls need to see in movies, especially animated films.

10. Scout Finch- To Kill a Mockingbird

SCOUTI include this in both the book and movie categories because Scout, growing up in a difficult time period without a mother-figure, Scout learns about life the hard way— by watching her father defend an innocent man, by dealing with the aftermath. She is stubborn, but stands up for what she believes is right.



Monday Musings- Can I Hibernate Until Winter is Over?

Hello friends, I haven’t been updating here much, but have quite a bit planned for this week. Yay!

Anyway, it’s no secret that it’s been pretty damn cold lately (and it’s been cold everywhere!). Upstate and Central New York have had a record breaking month this February with how cold it’s been! We haven’t had a day above freezing all month long. It makes me want to hide under my covers til spring!hidingundercovers

However, it makes for some pretty cool and beautiful winter scenery.

A spring-fed fountain in Letchworth State Park created an ice volcano!!!



This is about an hour and a half (give or take a little) from where I live. It’s huge and gorgeous. I hope I get to go see it before it melts. Look how tiny the person looks next to it!!! Want to see more? Click here for a local news story.

Also, Niagara Falls has frozen…

See it on the news!

And the snowmen have surrendered!!!



In other words, I want to hibernate.

It’s cold. It’s snowy… we’ve gotten over 150 inches of snow so far and it keeps on coming! I’ve gotten very little writing done in the past couple of weeks. I finished a chapter last Friday that took me 2 weeks to revise. At least I’m still writing, but my productivity has been very low.


How is the winter weather affecting you?

Is it Summer where you live (or at least warmer)? Because if it is I’m jealous!

What I'm Reading & Writing Wednesday


whatimreadingandwritingwednesdayI haven’t been very good at this blogging thing since I made a goal to do it 2-3 times a week, but I’m working on it– I swear! Anyway, today is Wednesday! That means I get to catch up on what everyone is reading/writing and what they are doing in general!!! This is my own spin on WWW Wednesday, which is now hosted by Taking on a World of Words!

What I’m Reading…

Half-BadPicked up Half Bad by Sally Green again! Haven’t read too much but it does feel nice to read again, even if it is only a couple of pages a day.

What I’m Writing…

– Blog posts! I want to get on top of this and not let my poor little blog be neglected.

– Chapter 23 of The Girl in the Glass Coffin. After Chapter 22, I was at 43k words— which I think is pretty awesome :). This week my goal is to finish & send Chapter 23 to my CPs and begin working on Chapter 24.

– A lesson for my writing group on Saturday on Social Media for Writers!

¬†What I’m Up To:

– Roller derby!!! I’m having a blast with it. We’ve been skating for a little over 2 weeks now and while it’s whooping my butt every Tues & Fri nights, I love it.

– Writing group!!! I might post about this very soon.

– Wishing it was spring already, dammit!

What are you reading or writing this week???

A Walk Down Memory Lane: My very first "book"

writinggifThis morning I ran into my 2nd grade teacher, the woman who helped me discover, and fostered my love of creative writing.

Mrs. Barnes was a god-send. She saw in me a love for reading and writing and made sure that I excelled in both. It is actually because of her that I wrote and illustrated my first “book.” And my love for writing just went on from there.

I was a bit of a nerd in 2nd grade. I read more than most, actually liked school, and loved learning. So when Mrs. Barnes gave us a new assignment, I was thrilled to see that we would be writing and illustrating our own books. I went right to work, writing a story about a very unlucky leprechaun who just couldn’t seem to find his pot of gold.

An 8 year old me thought I’d written a masterpiece.

After writing a “sloppy copy” in pencil on lined paper, Mrs. Barnes helped me to find and correct all of my spelling mistakes, and once my story was deemed “perfect” I was ready to make it into a book.

She handed each of us a book, with a manilla cover and inside were blank pages, with a space for an illustration at the top of each. I was in heaven. I began writing my story inside, placing a finger between each word for the perfect spacing. My illustrations came next, colored as carefully as a 2nd grader could possibly manage to keep in the lines.

And then she told us that we would be sharing our books with the rest of our class and their parents.


I panicked.

Even then I was terrified that people would make fun of me, or even worse, hate my book. (Some things never change even though I’ve gotten a little better about that now.)

When it came time for the dress-rehearsal, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t read my book out loud to my class mates. I teared up. But Mrs. Barnes saved the day. She asked me if I would like her to read my book for me at the celebration that night.

And somehow, that made everything so much better.

That night I sat in front of all my classmates and all of their parents and held my book while Mrs. Barnes read my story. Sure I was embarrassed because I was too shy to read it myself. But it went off without a hitch. Everyone clapped for me at the end.

excitedminionsI was so proud. People liked it!!! It made me want to write more.

I went on to write a couple of stories about the misadventures of twins named Karen and Susie. My Aunt gave me a huge notebook in which to write all of my stories and ideas for stories. Every time I got writing assignment in school I did it without complaint.

My love for writing grew and grew. Even though it seemed impossible and so far away at the time, I wanted to have books of my own alongside the ones I read every day. To this day, that is still a goal of mine.

So thank you Mrs. Barnes. Thank you for instilling this love in me and for giving me an experience that I will never forget.

SOPVrWith out you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Still writing. Still with the dream of one day, being a published writer.