To use WattPad, or not to use WattPad..

Today, while scrolling through my Twitter feed I came across a link to a chapter of Midheaven by Rebecca Taylor that had been posted on WattPad.


Using WattPad is something that I have been toying with for a while. I’ve read Rebecca’s first book in this series, Ascendant and was aware that she used WattPad when writing her second book The Immaculate Grace of Carmen Espinosa.

My biggest question was: as a currently unpublished author, would WattPad be a good tool for me to use if I’m not sure which publishing route I would like to take.

Rebecca invited me to email her my questions, which of course I did!

“Hello Rebecca,

Thanks for your offer to help me out with Wattpad! My first novel, The Girl in the Glass Coffin is in it’s (hopefully) final stages of drafting/editing/ and polishing and I was wondering if posting a chapter or two on WattPad would be helpful.

I’m honestly not sure what kind of publishing route I’m hoping to take with this book, but I know a lot of agents and small publishing houses won’t take submissions that are published elsewhere.

Any advice or suggestions would be helpful. I’m really new to all of this and there is so much conflicting information out there on the subject.”

And her response was so helpful!!! See what Rebecca Taylor has to say on the subject !!!

Read my review of Rebecca’s first novel, Ascendant here

You can read the first 3 Chapters of the sequel, Midheaven on Wattpad!

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