Monday Musings: Re-reading challenge

As a part of the book blogger world, I’ve read many books that I would eventually like to revisit.


However, with the sheer amount of books on my TBR list and the amount of those that are sitting on my bedside table, just waiting for me to get to them– it’s very difficult for me to even consider taking the time to re-read a book.

There is so much pressure as a reader and writer to keep up with all of the current titles, and read ones that somehow slipped between the cracks since I began this blog. There are others that have been out for even longer that I’ve been meaning to read for even longer than that. Heck, some books have been on my shelves since grad school and I’ve yet to pick them up!

Earlier this year I was in a nasty reading slump. I couldn’t even finish books that I was enjoying. And one of my blog readers suggested that I re-read an old favorite, even if it was a short book.


So in the remaining months of 2015, I’m challenging myself to re-read 4 books.

That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? I figure that it’s less than one re-read a month so I can still get to books that are in the TBR pile. It will be refreshing to revisit books that I loved the first time around.

What do you think? Do you have time to re-read books?

Have you ever done a re-read challenge? Is this something you might want to join me with?

During my re-read challenge I will be chronicling my thoughts on the books and the re-reading process here on my blog. Hopefully this will not only help me get to my goal of 30 books read this year, but will also help me enjoy reading a little bit more and kick back and relax.

Have you re-read any books this year?

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Re-reading challenge

    • Amanda Marie says:

      It’s hard to stay as current as possible and on top of new books as they come out. But it’s nice to re-read so that you don’t get burnt out with the constant struggle to keep up.

  1. Felicia Sue Lynn Reviews says:

    I’ve only started my book blog recently, but I reread books pretty regularly. It’s easier for me because I can give a fresh review and compare it to how I felt reading it in the past but I love rereading books. It’s hard for me to remember details of books I read 3-7 years ago because I didn’t really read for fun in college. I hope you meet your goal! Rereading books is amazing as long as they live up to what you remember of them. 🙂

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