Monday Musings: What do you listen to when you write or read?


One of my biggest inspirations when I write is music. It can help evoke a particular emotion for me, put me in the writing mood, and even help drag me out of a writer’s block.

However, I find that I usually can’t listen to music while I write, especially music with lyrics. If I listen to music while I write, I usually find myself singing along out in lala land (which isn’t hard for me to do).

And if I’m reading, forget it! I don’t mind background noise or if the television is on, but I have a hard time focusing on a book if there is singing going on. My brain wants to listen instead of read.

Music helps to pump me up beforehand more than anything else, puts me in the mindset to get words on paper or on the screen. It also helps when trying to get in the mood of your novel, of the setting and the characters.

For example, when writing The Girl in the Glass Coffin, I listen to a lot of Coheed and Cambria. And I mean a lot.

Since their albums tell a story, the songs have a lot of ups and downs and go from upbeat and poppy to downright creepy, which I love. Sometimes before writing I will go to a particular song to get in the zone, sometimes I pull up a certain album, but for the genre and tone of TGGC, Coheed is perfect.

But when I’m writing romance, something quirky, or just need something lighter, Ed Sheeran has been my go-to music for pre-writing tunes. I especially love this

Many writers have suggested that they like to listen to classical music or soundtracks while they write, as they feel the emotion from the instruments and score and that helps them.

I feel like if I found some good soundtracks that I could listen to music as I write or read. Do you have any soundtracks that you recommend for me?

What are some albums, music genres, or artists that you like to listen to while you write or read?

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