Banned Books: The Harry Potter Series

Did you know that the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling were the #1 banned or challenged books from 2000-2009?

Sounds absolutely asinine, doesn’t it? The mere thought of banning or challenging a series that has inspired so many people to read and write makes me angry. But there were some schools and districts that thought Harry Potter had no business being read by students.

Harry Potter seriesThe Harry Potter series has been banned or challenged in many places because it is said to “promote an interest in the occult, since the hero Harry Potter, is a wizard.”

The series has also been called inappropriate for children because of the fantasy violence and complex themes. It’s been called to scary and adult for child readers.

See the list of challenges a professor put together for the Harry Potter series.

Some groups have even gone so far as to burn copies of the Harry Potter series (but we won’t go there today).

The reasoning behind banning such an amazing and imaginative series is complete and utter nonsense, but I think that it is a disservice to kids.

This book encourages so many kids in all grade levels to read. It’s gotten those reluctant readers to pick up not only one book, but many. It’s a series that children and adults alike have fallen in love with. It may haveĀ  fantasy violence and complex themes, but readers of all ages are still able to relate to Harry Potter and his friends. There are still positive ideas and emotions that readers take away from reading these books.

Check out this article about banning Harry Potter.


So in honor of your right to read banned books, pick up one today. Maybe Harry Potter. Perhaps another controversial title.

What banned books are your favorites?

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