Monday Motivation: Setting Realistic Goals

Monday Motivations- Setting Reasonable Goals

Goals are important, especially to me as a writer.

Without goals. I would get nowhere with my book, or my blog, exercise routine, cleaning my house. I wouldn’t get anywhere really. With anything.

3631831Goals helps me to prioritize the things that are most important. They help me get stuff done! But it’s important to realize that while we should set goals for ourselves, it’s more important that we set goals that are realistic. If we set goals that aren’t realistic it’s likely that nothing will get done. At least that’s how it is for me.

So in order to get stuff done, I have to break down my goals into smaller (although just as important ones).

My overall goal is to have The Girl in the Glass Coffin traditionally published. And I can strive for that goals, but if I don’t have stepping stone goals along the way, that big goal may never be accomplished.

To set goals, and achieve them, your goals have to be realistic.

54384113Please pause and think about this for a moment. The best goals you can set for yourself are things that you can control. I can’t completely control many things about the publishing process for myself, especially as a previously unpublished author. But there are some things I can control and some goals I can set for myself as a result.

(Notice how I emphasize the can part? You can set smaller, realistic goals for yourself that add up to a bigger overarching goal.)

What goals can I control?

  1. Finally finishing that last chapter, the one that I wish was just done already. Yeah, that’s not going to happen unless I sit down and actually do it.
  2. Making sure my query letter is as awesome as I possibly can.
  3. Sending my query to 5 agents this month!

Notice how one depends on the other, and how I can’t do number 3 before doing the first two. That’s making my goals more manageable for myself, more realistic. These small goals will ultimately (hopefully) add up to bigger ones that I’m trying not to think too much about right now.

That’s how it works with everything for me. In order to get things done, to stay motivated, I need to see progress. And to see that progress, small goals make me feel awesome and show me that things are being accomplished.

Of course, this is different for everyone. I’m interested to see how it all works for you.

How do you set realistic goals for yourself? Are you one of those people who work best with a lofty goal in mind? Let’s talk about it!

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