Camp NaNoWriMo Diary- Day 5: My Writing Space

Hello friends!  How is Camp NaNoWriMo treating you so far?

As of now I’m on track with just over 3k words, although I didn’t write at all yesterday. Today I’m trying to get a little bit ahead but I’m struggling with the scene I’m working on.

My main character just had an accident and was found by her friends and grandmother. Right now I’m writing the aftermath. None of the characters know what actually happened so it’s all worry and speculation. This scene was technically in the last draft but I’m adding in a couple of characters and a slightly different outcome.

So yeah. This chapter is one of those pain in the butt ones that makes me want to put it off for tomorrow.

But I know if I do that today, I’m more likely to do it again tomorrow. So today I have to push through, even if I have to come back later and re-write it again. Just get it out and finish the scene. The next scene is fully formed in my mind so I just need to make it to that point.

Anyway… Where are you all doing the majority of your writing?

As a substitute teacher I have lovely planning periods. That’s actually where I get a lot of work done, if I have a computer anywhere around me. I typically write by hand during my planning periods. However, I like to have the last draft of the chapter open, so I can note different sections that I want to keep or trash.

This week it’s been hard though. I’ve been a floater which means I go around to different classrooms all day and don’t have access to a computer on my breaks.

That means it’s even more important that I write when I get home from work. Which sometimes I really don’t want to do.Camp NaNoWriMo- Office DeskRecently, I converted my craft room into more of an office for myself. I brought in my desk and laptop and made a nice little quiet writing space. This is greatly needed in my house. While I don’t have kids, I’m constantly thinking of housework when I’m here. Having a writing space away from other things in the house allows me to concentrate on my story. So far it’s helped a lot!

How is Camp NaNoWriMo going for you? What helps you to focus while you write?

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