You Can’t Always Get What You Want

About two years ago, I left my job as a receptionist and social media maven to pursue teaching.

Since I spent years studying education, I thought that it was time to put that to good use.

So I got the fear and put in my two week’s notice.

Since then, I’ve been substitute teaching in two districts around where I live and loving it. I teach nearly every day and had two long-term sub placements.

This summer, there were two job openings. Both in the districts where I work. I thought, score! This could be my chance!

So I worked on polishing up my resume and cover letter. I spent days making sure they were both stellar and even work shopped them with a friend. With my fingers crossed, I applied to both jobs very early in the summer.

Then I waited, and waited, and waited. And heard nothing.

This week, I contacted both places to check on the status of the postings. Both positions were already filled. I didn’t get an interview for either one. I was heartbroken because I thought that I had a good chance at an interview for at least one of them.

When stuff happens like this it’s really easy for me to get down on myself.

I wonder if I’m good enough, if I’m ever going to get a teaching job, if there’s something wrong with me. While those are all perfectly normal things to wonder (at least I think they are), I’ve decided to focus more on the positive things to come out of this.

1. Maybe these jobs just weren’t meant to be.

  • Yes, sometimes I think people are full of crap when they say that. But what if it’s true?

2. There are other things that I’m good at. Other things that I’ve been neglecting.

  • This blog and my writing are two prime examples.

3. I also have a degree in English Language Arts. There are plenty of things that I can do with that degree.


So while I’m not giving up on teaching, I am going to explore some other options and avenues. I’m a creative, motivated, and educated woman. There are so many other things that I have to offer the world other than teaching high school English. While I substitute teach this year, I will also be exploring those things. I will be finishing my novel, hopefully writing a new one, and maybe finding a new career path along the way.

It’s all about mindset and not letting myself get discouraged.

Have any of you experienced something similar? What did you do to pull yourself out of it?

It’s time for me to get “the fear” again and explore.

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