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It’s time for some Monday Motivation!

Monday can be hard, especially when you’ve just come out of a weekend that was much busier than you anticipated (pretty much every weekend when you’re an adult, right?). But it really doesn’t have to be. Not if you’re doing something you love. Making what you’re passionate about a career is something that so many people dream of, myself included. Monday Motivation is one thing that I want to bring to Amanda’s Nose in a Book at least once a month, to give you something that will motivate you to read, write, be creative, and do the things you love!

The past few years I have been trying to decide what to do with my career, with this blog, and just with what I want to do in general.

Amanda’s Nose in a Book has been pretty quiet. But it’s time to change that. I absolutely loved it when I was posting here regularly! It was fun,  I connected with other readers and writers, and met my two critique partners here.

I’ve decided to get “the fear” again (yes that is a friends reference) and use this space to combine my two passions: teaching and writing.

I’m an English teacher (currently a substitute) where I live. While subbing isn’t a bad job at all and I get to do something different every day, it’s not something that I am super passionate about. I love teaching. I love writing. And for a long time I’ve tried to find a way to combine the two.

In the upcoming months, there will be some huge and awesome changes to this site, and I will be starting so many other new endeavors.

  1. I will be posting here Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with some fun bookish and writerly things. I will also keep you all posted as to what I have been up to here

2. You can now sign up to be on my email list! Once or twice monthly, I will send you an e-newsletter with updates from here, news from my Patreon, as well as updates on the online classes I will be teaching. (Yep, I told you there will be a LOT of stuff happening here).


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3. I am launching a  Patreon, where for a monthly donation (there are 4 different tiers to choose from, ranging from $1 to $15), you can get exclusive content from me! Patrons there will be first to receive any big news, get exclusive behind the scenes peeks of my writing process, and will have a say in what kind of content I post here, there, and on other platforms. Those donating $15 a month will even receive coupon codes for 10% off every course I publish online! Blog and Instagram followers will be the first to know when my Patreon is launched (mid-May).

4. I am bringing my love of writing and teaching to you through online courses! Starting June 1, 2019, my first course will be published, Creating Characters that Resonate with Readers!

So why am I sharing all of this with you right now?

I’m to the point right now where I realize how important it is to do something that you are passionate about, something that helps you fulfill you dreams, and that helps others. I am hoping that by sharing all of these plans with you that it helps to keep me accountable, keeps me from being so afraid to share my work and put myself out there. As an author, I’m going to have to do both of those things, right?

Mostly, I want you to follow your own career and life dreams.

no matter what those things might be. It might be scary, there might be a ton of work involved, but it is possible! You can write that book, paint that masterpiece, start that YouTube channel! You can do the thing!

Whew! That was a lot! How’s that for Monday Motivation for you?

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