February Flashback (Wrap-up)

This past month has been the best I have ever had on Amanda’s Nose in a book. I’ve had a busy month full of books, writing, and getting to know the book blogging community a little bit better. I’m really enjoying myself and it’s great to talk about something that I am really passionate about.

Let’s take a peek back at what went on during February.

I read quite a few books, more than I even planned on,

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The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater
Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan (re-read)
House of Hades by Rick Riordan

I talked about,

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Books that give me the feels,
Books & characters that make me swoon,
Reasons I love being a blogger and reader,
and  Awesome secondary characters


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Author, Laura Beege
Book Blogger- Chrissi Reads
Book Blogger- Catch Kelly’s Fancy

And so much more!

Next month, my goal is to read 4 or 5 books, get a read handle on the revisions for my novel (working on closing up those pesky plot holes), post here at least 5 times a week, and *hopefully* start a crafting/DIY blog.

What kinds of things would you like to see from Amanda’s Nose in a Book?

Book Blogger Interviews- How to Catch Kelly's Fancy

I have found a wonderful community and great friends during my time book blogging, so when  I found out my friend Kelly created her own book blog, Catch Kelly’s Fancy, (check it out!!!) I was so excited for her.

Kelly and I have known one another for a few years now. We went to college together at SUNY Oswego and are both in Mu Beta Psi (a national honorary music fraternity).

With no further a due, here is my interview with the fabulous Miss Kelly, where she tells us about her favorite heroines in literature, the vegan apricot scones she made (which I would like in my belly, please), and things that turn her into a fangirl.


Amanda: What was your favorite book (or series) as a child?

Kelly: My favorite book series as a child was a tie between The Babysitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin and Goosebumps by RL Stine. I followed both series fairly religiously (even Little Sister, the BSC spin-off featuring Karen, and for Goosebumps, I would sneak copies of Fear Street home when I could). I did also like the Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park and pretty much anything by Judy Blume.

Amanda: Who are your top three favorite heroines in literature?

Kelly: My top three favorite heroines are Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, Jaenelle Angelline from the Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop, and Clarice Starling from the Hannibal Lecter trilogy by Thomas Harris.

  • Hermione, I like because she used her intellect and cleverness to solve problems, and because I could relate to a frizzy-haired bookworm who didn’t really know how to make friends easily. I think she’s an admirable role model for young girls, and I like that Rowling developed her into a full character with personality and back story instead of just *insert female sidekick here*.
  • Jaenelle, I like because she has all of this incredible power and endures such hardships, but she remains true to herself rather than letting it change her into something bitter and evil. She is brave and just, and I love that Bishop lets us continue to see Jaenelle’s spirit and sense of humor in moments throughout the series, even after she becomes Queen of the Darkness.
  • Clarice, I like because she’s given this incredible challenge in Dr. Lecter, and she faces him head-on with strength and intellect. I read The Silence of the Lambs when I was younger (like middle-school age or so), and I fell in love with Clarice’s character. I love that after she’s taken off of the case, she comes up with a plan and goes after the killer anyway, and it’s one of the best surprises in that novel when you realize she’s gone rogue. Clarice makes her own decisions instead of submitting to the desires of the men in her life, and I definitely respect that. (I admit, that gets a bit more problematic in Hannibal, but that’s a different discussion for a different day.)

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Take Ten with Chrissi of Chrissi Reads!

I have discovered that one of the best things about being a book blogger is the wonderful community of readers, writers, and bloggers that I interact with daily. One of the most supportive bloggers is Chrissi from Chrissi Reads. Her blog is chuck-full of book reviews, memes, and other fun features that inspire me to make my blog even better and keep me returning to hers.

I had the chance to interview Chrissi and chat with her a little bit about her, the books that she reads, her blog and more! Take a peek and then visit and follow her wonderful blog!


Amanda:  Where are you from?
Chrissi: I’m from the UK, about an hour and ten minutes away from London.

Amanda:  Have you always been a reader?
Chrissi: Yes, I’ve been a reader since I was a young child. My mum taught me how to read before I went to school. I started school at 4 years old.

Amanda: What got you into book blogging?
Chrissi: I had been running another blog for a few years, and started to get a bit bored with how little the community interacted with one catclarkeentangledanother. I’ve found the book blogging community to be much more welcoming, helpful and generally just lovely!

Amanda: What is the coolest thing you have gotten to do as a blogger?
Chrissi: I’ve attended two publishing events which has been fun. I’ve only been blogging for just over year, so I look forward to whatever the future brings book blogging wise!

Amanda: What genres are your favorites to read?
Chrissi: If you’d asked me before book blogging, I would’ve said chick-lit. But now, I love a bit of everything. I’ve been on a big dystopian kick at the moment. I also think Young Adult is the strongest its been in a while too.

Amanda: Who are some authors that you would recommend that we check out?
Chrissi: Laurie Halse Anderson or Jennifer Brown. If you’re looking for a good British author then I’d recommend Cat Clarke or Sophia Bennett.

Amanda: What book are you reading now?
Chrissi: I’m currently reading The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes. If you haven’t read her book Me Before You then I highly recommend that you do!

Amanda: Who is your book boyfriend? Or your favorite if you have more than one (I know I do).
Chrissi: I really like Holder from Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless and Losing Hope.

Amanda: What do you like to do other than read?
Chrissi: I like to go to the theatre, spend time with friends and just relax. I have a hectic, energetic job so I love

my down time.

Chrissi's pet rabbit, Iggle Piggle (name from In The Night Garden).

Chrissi’s pet rabbit, Iggle Piggle (name from In The Night Garden).

Amanda: If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?
Chrissi: At the moment, my family has a rabbit that lives with us. He’s my nephew’s, but my nephew is too young to look after him. I’m quite happy with just caring for him, but I’d love another dog. My dog sadly passed away a few years ago and I STILL miss him. Dogs are great companions.

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