What I've been up to so far in 2014

Oswego, NY has not been spared by the cold! We even made national news yesterday! 2014 has been very snowy and very cold thus far. We all know about that lovely polar vortex that has made all of the United States into one giant frozen UScicle.

(Photo by Beth Clark Photography)

I’ve been spending my days at work and my evenings and weekends relaxing and crocheting. I have even started the beginning stages of revisions on my NaNo novel.

But I have started one awesome project that I am very excited to share with you. And a couple others that are just as awesome!

Crochet Mood Blanket 2014

I have chosen to crochet one granny square a day throughout the year of 2014 in colors that represent my mood for that day. Some people have made a grid for colors they feel represent their most common moods. I on the other hand, am just going with what I feel each particular day. Some squares have been inspired by the weather or a crochet WIP that I am working on, others by my mood for the day. Here is what I have created thus far!

I hope to be updating on my progress every week or so, but you can take a peek at my daily squares on Instagram. Click the icon below to find me on Instagram!


Photo A Day 2014

I have also decided to try and take at least one photograph a day to chronicle my year, so that when I look back at the year I can better remember what happened! I will be sharing my favorites on here, but I will try to post each day’s photo on Instagram (sometimes a day late, but better late than never!)

Also, I have started revising my NaNoWriMo novel! Since this is the longest piece I have written, revising has been a daunting task thus far. I haven’t gotten very far before getting frustrated or discouraged with my novel. I have a couple of things that I know definitely need to be changed, but it is going to need a serious re-write before I can even consider it a first draft. My NaNo draft is just one very shitty rough draft.

I ordered a bunch of books the other day, and some of them were delivered yesterday. Not to mention I need to stop by the River’s End Bookstore today to pick up one very anticipated new release by the fabulous Laurie Halse Anderson. So some reviews, collaborations, and bookish posts will be up in the very near future!