5 Reasons Why I Love Divergent by Veronica Roth

divergent-wallpaper02Last week, I re-read Divergent by Veronica Roth, before I went to see the movie later on this week with my friend, Tracy. I have been in a bit of a reading slump lately (or so it feels), so I thought that re-reading a book would help me relax and take some of the pressure off of having to read yet another book.

I honestly forgot how much I love Divergent.

5 reasons why I love Divergent:


When we first meet Tris, she is Beatrice. She has been taught to be selfless and giving, and fights her true nature. Tris is a bit of an unwilling hero in the beginning, who constantly battles with what she has been taught. I love how much she grows and learns about herself over the course of the first novel in this series. She becomes someone who is truly selfless and brave and is a character that I found it easy to like and relate to.

2. The factions

Splitting up people into factions based on aptitude and forcing them to choose between their family and what they have known for their whole life and who they truly are deep down, is a great premise for a dystopian novel. I loved learning about all of the different factions again and their place in society as well as the flaws that each faction has and tries to hide.

3. The struggle

I liked seeing how each of the transfer initiates struggled with themselves and their upbringing during the initiation process. They had to learn to leave their past behind them and face their fears to become dauntless. I also loved the conflict within the Dauntless faction. The people who were ruthless and cruel, like Eric vs. the people who were brave and who were willing to put themselves in danger to save and help others, like Four. And the end– guh!!! I’m not going to give anything away, but talk about conflict!!! There is so much internal and external conflict in this book that I was glued to it, even though this was my second time reading it.

4. The idea of being Divergent

Most people have a variety of different traits or interests, so as I stated before the factions were very interesting to me. However, I also loved the idea of being Divergent, not belonging to just one factor, but having traits that belong to two, or even more. I can see how this would be dangerous to a society that controls it’s citizens by limiting them to a certain valued trait or vocation. Tris’ struggle to hide the fact that she was Divergent was definitely a highlight of this book for me.

5. Four

Yes, Four is “hot.” But I also like him, because like Tris he is a very complex character. As we learn more about Four, we see how different he is from the ruthless and cruel members of the Dauntless faction, like Eric. We also learn a little bit more about his past as the story progresses and we are able to see why Four is the way he is towards Tris, the other initiates, and members of his faction.

Now I feel fully prepared to see the movie this coming weekend and I am going to re-read Insurgent before finally reading the last book in the trilogy.

What I'm Reading & Writing Wednesday!



Happy Wednesday, folks! Last week, I read and reviewed Delirium by Lauren Oliver. It was definitely a fun and somewhat creepy read for me and I flew through it.

What I’m Reading…

This week, I’ve decided on a re-read. I have only re-read one other book so far this year. So I am currently reading…

divergent_hqDivergent by Veronica Roth!!!

I am really excited to re-read this book for a couple of reasons…

1. I am going to see the movie next week when I go and visit my friend Tracy. I have to re-read so it’s fresh in my mind when I watch the film.

2. With all of the writing I have been doing for the A-Z challenge posts, blog posts, and preparing for Camp NaNo, I needed a book that was familiar and enjoyable.

3. Even though Allegiant was spoiled for me, I would like to continue and re-read Insurgent as well next month (I will need to read a little bit amidst all of that writing) so that I can read Allegiant and be completely caught up.

After reading Divergent, I will probably take a little break from reading (a week or so). I know that once Camp NaNo begins, I will have limited reading time, and will probably only read one or two books over the course of the month. It will be a miracle if I somehow am able to read more.

What I’m Writing…

I am currently up to my eyeballs in writing posts for the A-Z challenge that is happening in April and am nearly halfway through the alphabet at the moment. It has been really enjoyable to write about a variety of different bookish topics in a conversational and short format. I’ve also had a blast finding fun and interesting topics to write about.

Curious as to what the A-Z challenge is all about? Click on the badge to be brought to the site!

I hope to have a couple more posts written and scheduled by the end of today because I need to focus on what I want to work on and change in my rough draft so I can write my second draft for Camp NaNo.

What else I’m up to…

I just bought my train tickets the other day to go visit my friend Tracy next weekend. So I am trying to get myself all organized and straightened away so I can be prepared to go on a 4 day (much needed) mini-vacation 🙂