So You Want to Write a Novel- Part 2: Audience, Genre, and Planning vs. Pantsing

So You Want to Write a Novel- Part 2: Audience, Genre, & Planning vs. Pantsing

Hello & welcome to day 2 of my blog series So You Want to Write a Novel. Today we’re going to talk about a couple things that you should keep in mind before writing your novel (even if it develops and changes as you write).

Yesterday we talked about how and where we get our ideas. If you’d like to check that out, click here.

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A-Z Challenge Day 7 (G)- Genre


I have heard Young Adult literature classified as a genre, which couldn’t be more wrong. Young Adult, like middle grade, or even adult literature signifies the audience for which the book is intended. As I have found, many books intended for YA, MG, or adults are considered to be cross over books, which means they appeal to people in many different age groups.


Genre is classified as the category or kind of story a book falls in to. For example, I am currently reading a lot of paranormal, science fiction, dystopian, and fantasy books.

As a reader and book blogger, I find myself circling a couple of genres for a while before I get tired of the tropes and stories in that particular genre and move onto another one. This is something that I have been working on. I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and expose myself to other genres.

As I noted in my Contemporary YA lit post, I am really far behind in reading books in this genre. I have made a goal to read 8 contemporary books (one each month- either YA or adult) in this genre for the rest of 2014. I would also like to read at least 2 classics that I haven’t yet read this year. This is in the hopes to expose myself to books that I may not typically pick up on my own.

One genre that I try to stay away from is Chick Lit. While I am not bashing it by any means, and some of it is very good, it just isn’t my style. I am really not into reading about shopping or reading romance novels because those really aren’t things I am interested in in my actual life.

I would love to know your thoughts:

What genres do you typically find yourself reading? Do you think that you read a good mix of different genres?

Is there a genre that you try to stay away from?