So You Want to Write a Novel- Part 1: Getting Ideas- Brainstorm

Brainstorm- So You Want to Write a Novel- Getting Ideas

Since January, I’ve ran the Port City Writers Group at the Oswego Public Library here in Oswego, NY. We have quite an active little group with members ranging from newbies to published authors. A lot of the feedback I’ve gotten from the newer writers is that they want to write a novel, but are lost as to where to start. So that’s where this series comes in— each day during this next week I will be posting sections of my lesson “So You Want to Write a Novel (or Short Story)”. I figured that it would not only help them, who can have the information to look back on, but also might help some of you as well (especially if you are in the same boat as they are)… so let’s get down to it!!!

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