Monday Motivation: Plans for Amanda’s Nose in a Book

Monday Motivation: Blog Post Banner

It’s time for some Monday Motivation!

Monday can be hard, especially when you’ve just come out of a weekend that was much busier than you anticipated (pretty much every weekend when you’re an adult, right?). But it really doesn’t have to be. Not if you’re doing something you love. Making what you’re passionate about a career is something that so many people dream of, myself included. Monday Motivation is one thing that I want to bring to Amanda’s Nose in a Book at least once a month, to give you something that will motivate you to read, write, be creative, and do the things you love!

The past few years I have been trying to decide what to do with my career, with this blog, and just with what I want to do in general.

Amanda’s Nose in a Book has been pretty quiet. But it’s time to change that. I absolutely loved it when I was posting here regularly! It was fun,  I connected with other readers and writers, and met my two critique partners here.

I’ve decided to get “the fear” again (yes that is a friends reference) and use this space to combine my two passions: teaching and writing.

I’m an English teacher (currently a substitute) where I live. While subbing isn’t a bad job at all and I get to do something different every day, it’s not something that I am super passionate about. I love teaching. I love writing. And for a long time I’ve tried to find a way to combine the two.

In the upcoming months, there will be some huge and awesome changes to this site, and I will be starting so many other new endeavors.

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Monday Musings: Re-reading challenge

As a part of the book blogger world, I’ve read many books that I would eventually like to revisit.


However, with the sheer amount of books on my TBR list and the amount of those that are sitting on my bedside table, just waiting for me to get to them– it’s very difficult for me to even consider taking the time to re-read a book. Continue reading

Monday Musings: Camp NaNoWriMo or A-Z Challenge?

Camp-Participant-2015-Web-BannerAs I did last April, I’ve signed up to participate in both Camp NaNo and the April A-Z Challenge and it’s with a heavy heart that I have to choose between the two.

Camp NaNoWriMo would be a great opportunity for me to write the ending to The Girl in the Glass Coffin. I’ve chosen my word count goal, 10k words, and am in an awesome cabin with my friend Tracy.

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Monday Musings- Can I Hibernate Until Winter is Over?

Hello friends, I haven’t been updating here much, but have quite a bit planned for this week. Yay!

Anyway, it’s no secret that it’s been pretty damn cold lately (and it’s been cold everywhere!). Upstate and Central New York have had a record breaking month this February with how cold it’s been! We haven’t had a day above freezing all month long. It makes me want to hide under my covers til spring!hidingundercovers

However, it makes for some pretty cool and beautiful winter scenery.

A spring-fed fountain in Letchworth State Park created an ice volcano!!!

This is about an hour and a half (give or take a little) from where I live. It’s huge and gorgeous. I hope I get to go see it before it melts. Look how tiny the person looks next to it!!! Want to see more? Click here for a local news story.

Also, Niagara Falls has frozen…

See it on the news!

And the snowmen have surrendered!!!

In other words, I want to hibernate.

It’s cold. It’s snowy… we’ve gotten over 150 inches of snow so far and it keeps on coming! I’ve gotten very little writing done in the past couple of weeks. I finished a chapter last Friday that took me 2 weeks to revise. At least I’m still writing, but my productivity has been very low.


How is the winter weather affecting you?

Is it Summer where you live (or at least warmer)? Because if it is I’m jealous!