March Wrap Up!

March Wrap UpI didn’t post at all in March, but I did read a lot of books. Eight books to be exact! So since I have been too crazy and busy to post full length reviews, check out these awesome mini-reviews in my March Wrap Up!

My rating system works as follows: a scale of 1-5 hearts, 5 being the highest meaning I absolutely loved the book, and 1 being the lowest meaning I didn’t like the book at all.

  1. Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

14061957I read the first two books in this trilogy last year and finally picked up the last book. I found Ruin and Rising to be an interesting ending to this fantasy adventure. While Alina sometimes grated on my nerves, I really liked the emotional journey that she undertook in this book. It wasn’t my favorite in the trilogy (#1 was) but I really liked it.

Rating:  ♥♥♥♥

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What I’m Reading & Writing Wednesday


Hello friends! Welcome to What I’m Reading and Writing Wednesday. It’s been a while. I’m still trying to come up with a blogging and writing schedule that works around substitute teaching. This is a weekly feature (or it’s supposed to be) that is inspired by WWW Wednesday hosted by Sam over at Taking on a World of Words. Another great feature is My Week in Books over at Lipsyy Lost and Found.

Here’s what I’ve been reading…

I just finished…

Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond. The biggest thing that I loved about this book was seeing the circus life from the point of view of someone who loves and lives it.

And I also read Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I adored this book. While the story of the boy/girl in a bubble is an old one, Yoon brought a fresh perspective and a unique voice to this story. I loved this book so much that I devoured the whole novel in less than 24 hours!

I’m currently reading…

Carry On by Rainbow RowellI feel like I’ve waited so long to read Carry On and when I saw it at the library last week I had to grab it. If you don’t know already, I’m pretty obsessed with Rainbow Rowell’s books and this book had the potential to be my favorite Rowell book yet!

What I’m reading next…

Landline by Rainbow RowellLandline by Rainbow Rowell. I picked this book up over the summer in a bargain books section (and was so stoked!) and haven’t had the chance to read it yet. I think I will need more Rainbow Rowell after finishing Carry On.  (This is not the cover I have, but I love this one!)

What I’m Writing…

TGGC has been slowing down for me a bit as I prepare for NaNoWriMo next month. I need a break from it and to play with new characters and a new world for a while, which I’m pretty excited for. But I would like to finish up chapters 21 and 22 of TGGC before October 31st, so I feel less guilty about doing NaNoWriMo.

I’m writing some posts for the next 10 days of NaNoWriMo prep as well, so stay tuned for those. This blog will be much busier in the coming months.

What are you reading and writing this week?

Top Ten Tuesday- Authors I've read the most books from


Yay for Top Ten Tuesday! This weekly feature is brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish, one of my favorite bookish blogs! Each week, we have a different theme, this week is Top Ten Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From. I don’t know if I can do this justice really, but I shall give it a shot. Continue reading

What I'm Reading & Writing Wednesday

whatimreadingandwritingwednesdayHello and welcome to What I’m Reading and Writing Wednesday, my weekly feature that fills all of you in on what is going on in my reading and writing life this week. This feature is my own spin on WWW Wednesday, hosted by Sam over at Taking on a World of Words. A second great feature is My Week in Books, which is also posted on Wednesdays by Lipsyy Lost and Found.

What I’m Reading…

I just finished…

throne-of-glass-coverI’ve been meaning to read Throne of Glass for a while now, and with the next book coming out soon, I figured that I should get on it. This book has been sitting on my shelves for a few months now and with the issues I’ve been having with my current read, I needed to set that aside and step into Caleana Sardothien’s world. Continue reading

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell A Funny Glimpse into Office Life.


Goodreads Synopsis:

“Hi, I’m the guy who reads your e-mail, and also, I love you . . . ”

Beth Fremont and Jennifer Scribner-Snyder know that somebody is monitoring their work e-mail. (Everybody in the newsroom knows. It’s company policy.) But they can’t quite bring themselves to take it seriously. They go on sending each other endless and endlessly hilarious e-mails, discussing every aspect of their personal lives.

Meanwhile, Lincoln O’Neill can’t believe this is his job now- reading other people’s e-mail. When he applied to be “internet security officer,” he pictured himself building firewalls and crushing hackers- not writing up a report every time a sports reporter forwards a dirty joke.

When Lincoln comes across Beth’s and Jennifer’s messages, he knows he should turn them in. But he can’t help being entertained-and captivated-by their stories.

By the time Lincoln realizes he’s falling for Beth, it’s way too late to introduce himself.

What would he say . . . ?


I love Rainbow Rowell’s writing. I love her quirky characters and the amount of heart that her other books have. That being said, I am disappointed to say that I didn’t love Attachments. I wasn’t head-over-heels the way I was with her other books. I liked it, but it felt like something was missing for me.

One thing that I really liked about this book was the banter and conversation between Beth and Jennifer. They were really easy to read about, even though the format in which their scenes were written in was slightly difficult for me to follow for a while. Beth and Jennifer were funny, they genuinely cared about one another, and they seemed like characters who if I knew them in real life, I could be friends with. They were what kept me reading. Beth and Jennifer made me laugh, cry, and  reminded me of myself and my best friend.

On the other hand, Lincoln creeped me out and I genuinely felt bad for him. It wasn’t that he read the email conversations between Beth and Jennifer… that was his job, it was the fact that he fell in love with Beth through reading her email. He came across as an extremely naive, inexperienced person when it came to both relationships and interacting with other people in general. For me, his saving grace was his friendship with Doris, an older woman who he worked with. She was spunky and gave Lincoln the companionship and confidence he needed to actually grow up and experience the life that he was letting pass him by. Quite honestly my main problem with this novel was Lincoln. While he did grow and change over the course of the book (which I am thankful for), I couldn’t get over how pathetic he seemed in the beginning of the novel.

Reading  Attachments made me feel like I was emailing my best friend. Rainbow Rowell has written a funny and engaging glimpse into office life.


4 / 5 Stars

What I'm Reading & Writing Wednesday!

Last week was a great week for reading! I finished The Raven Boys (read my review here)and marathon-read the sequel, The Dream Thieves (read my review here).

This week, I am finally reading…. *dun dun dunnnnn*

attachmentsAttachments, by the amazing Rainbow Rowell! Fangirl was the first book that I read by Ms. Rowell and I immediately fell in love with her quirky characters and writing style. I have been gushing about her YA masterpiece, Eleanor & Park all over my blog and figured it’s about time that I read Attachments.


I will also be re-reading and hopefully finishing Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan in preparation to finally read House of Hades. (It has only been in my TBR pile since Thanksgiving).

What are you reading this week?

Do you have any recommendations for me? I would love to bulk my TBR pile back up again!

Since 2014 started I have been trying to pick my NaNo novel back up again to begin revisions. Last month I wasn’t all that successful with it. By the end of the month I had only worked on two chapters. But now, I am working on Chapters 3 and 4. Hopefully progress will continue through February and March. I am kind of just flying by the seat of my pants here.

Do I have any writer followers out there? What is your revision process?

Reasons Why I'm Glad Eleanor & Park Won a Printz Honor Award


1. Inter-racial romance:

  • We seldom see an inter-racial romance in YA literature.

2. Eleanor is NOT  a skinny girl. Nor does she become skinny over the course of the novel.

  • Eleanor isn’t “fat” but a point is made that she’s not a thin girl. She has curves and pudge. She is made fun of for her weight and for the clothing that she wears.  But her weight is not the main focus of the novel, she just is, and that is a beautiful thing.
  • In a lot of YA the “chubby” character is a secondary character. Or that character becomes thin over the course of the novel. I love that Eleanor is front and center and doesn’t change who or what she is.

3. Romance, but not insta-love or even insta-lust.

  • The relationship between Eleanor & Park is natural and we can see it develop. The two characters didn’t even really like one another in the beginning. Park thought she was weird because of the clothing that she wore, but such an incredible friendship & relationship develops between the two main characters.
  • They fight. They are frustrated with one another a good portion of the time. But they care about and love one another.

4. So many tough subjects are addressed in E&P that teenagers and adults alike will be able to relate to.

So I’m not surprised that it won a Printz Honor Award. Eleanor & Park was my favorite book of 2013. It made me laugh. It broke my heart. It was one of those books that left me with a book hangover for days, but the story was just so beautiful. The writing and dual-narrative was spectacular and showed the story from the points of view of both the main characters.

I highly recommend Eleanor & Park to any young adult or adult readers, but beware it’s not for the faint of heart.

excitedminionsCongrats Rainbow Rowell!!!

Early January Book Haul!!!

So I caved and bought a bunch of books just because I am so unbelievably behind with books that have been released in the past year or so. (hides behind the pile in shame)

I thought I would share these awesome titles with you!

indexThe Impossible Knife of Memory by (the wonderful) Laurie Halse Anderson

This was one of my most anticipated books of 2014, so when it was released on Tuesday (1/7) I had to get it ASAP.  I am in the middle of reading it now and am having difficulty finding a place in it to put it down when I need to. Stay tuned for my review.

HouseofHadesThe House of Hades by Rick Riordan

I just have to finish re-reading the Heroes of Olympus series (I’m up to Mark of Athena at the moment) because I feel like I don’t remember enough of what happened in the first 3 books to just pick up the 4th one and go with it.


Attachments: A Novel by Rainbow Rowell

I loved Fangirl and Eleanor & Park so much that I couldn’t resist Attachments when I was perusing through books online.


The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I’ve heard nothing but good things and the premise sounded fabulous. I think this might be the book that I start reading next 🙂

And then there are the books that (annoyingly) haven’t come yet.

I mean, come on Barnes and Noble. I ordered 5 books on the same day. You shipped them all the day after. In two separate packages. I got one the other day and have to wait a week longer for the next one??? What f*ckery is this?


Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I love dystopian YA, so I am definitely hoping that this novel lives up to all of the hype. I only bought the first book in the series because I have heard some mixed reviews and I’m genuinely hoping that I like it.


Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke

I’ve been wanting to read this one since it was released. I love gothic horror, so I hope it is as good as it promises.


Under the never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Once again, I have heard such amazing things about this book that it was difficult to not buy it. I have been meaning to pick it up for a while, so I’m excited to read it.

*crosses my fingers in the hope the last 3 books get here soon*

Top Ten Books I read in 2013

toptentuesdayIt’s the last Top Ten Tuesday of 2013!!! I read a lot of wonderful books this year. Here are some of my favorites!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish.


10. The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

The Adoration of Jenna Fox was one of the best sci-fi books that I read this  in 2013 it brought up so many ethical and personal questions that one wouldn’t typically think about. I was so sucked in by this book that I read 3/4 of it in one setting.

Ascendant Cover Resized

9. Ascendant by Rebecca Taylor

Ascendant by Rebecca Taylor was the first book that I read and reviewed for this blog, so it holds a special place in my heart, but it is also a great book! Ascendant was an exciting supernatural thriller full of secret societies and a strong heroine who comes into her own over the course of the novel. Read my review here!


8. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan was one of the first books I read in 2013 and it is definitely one of the books that has stuck with me the most over the course of the year. The dual narrative, one written by each of the authors was brilliant. While each was distinctive, both Will Graysons were fun to read about and I loved seeing how their lives collided.


7. The Diviners by Libba Bray

The idea of The Diviners (a supernatural serial killer roaming Manhattan during the Roaring Twenties) was what originally caught my eye and made me want to pick it up and in no way was I disappointed. Read my review here!


6. Going Bovine by Libba Bray

Going Bovine by Libba Bray was such a funny and moving roller coaster of a book. I loved that it was so unpredictable and that I had literally no idea what adventure would come next. I wasn’t disappointed with anything I read by Libba Bray this year. Read my review here!


5. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

2013 was the year of me discovering how much I love Rainbow Rowell’s books. When I saw the synopsis for Fangirl I knew that I had to have it! I found Fangirl to be a fun and entertaining read whose main character reminded me of myself in so many ways. Click here for my review!


4. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This book is probably on so many top 10 lists and rightfully so. The Fault in our Stars is heartbreakingly beautiful and I found myself sobbing throughout about half of it. But the biggest thing that I loved about this book was that the characters showed so much strength despite terrible illnesses. They didn’t allow their sickness to define them.


3. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

For me, The Ocean at the End of the Lane was one of the most awaited books of 2013. I started reading it and finished it within a sitting and was left in awe of what I had read. I tried over and over again to review it, but I felt like I couldn’t do it justice. The Ocean at the End of the Lane proves that Neil Gaiman is a master storyteller.


2. Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan

I love the Heroes of Olympus series so much I am actually re-reading it again before I allow myself to pick up House of Hades. This series is just so much fun and it is great to continue the adventures of Percy Jackson and friends after his series was over. I also loved the new characters that were introduced to the story as well as how we now see the Roman aspect of mythology.


1. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor and Park was quite possibly one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful books that I read in 2013. While it tackles some really difficult subjects, Eleanor and Park has so much heart and is a love story that everyone can appreciate.