A video tour of The River's End Bookstore

This is a lovely little video about a local and independent bookstore here where I live in Oswego, NY, The Rivers End Bookstore.
This video was made last summer while The River’s End Bookstore running in a Where’s Waldo event that local businesses participated in throughout downtown Oswego.

This video was not made by me, but I thought it was a wonderful representation of one of my favorite places around town.

What or where is your favorite bookstore?

Post a photo or photos for me in the comments or link to a video tour. I would love to see it.

Update and Book Haul

In this video I talkĀ  about what you can expect in the next couple of weeks from Amanda’s Nose in a Book.

I also talk about the books that I bought the other day at the River’s End Bookstore (which I am very excited to read and tell you all what I thought).

I think I need to start doing my videos on a different computer. My crappy laptop can’t handle it very well.